lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Management Ebooks: "Business the Rupert Murdoch Way"

The "dirty digger"...a "danger to democracy"--these are some of the less offensive labels given to Rupert Murdoch. He's also been called "media's demon king" and "a slimy character." For a media monarch, he sure gets lots of bad ! But, name-calling aside, Murdoch is universally acclaimed for his business acumen--and lords over a global media empire.

Business the Rupert Murdoch Way takes readers into the mind of the infamous media mogul--and to the heart of his phenomenal success. Readers will discover: the secrets of his deal-making prowess, his views on leadership, his love of risk-taking, his unending ambition (nearing 70, he still works like a man possessed), how he constantly looks to the future, and how he sells his visionary ideas.

Business the Rupert Murdoch Way is part of a new series that charts the rise of business superstars Murdoch, Jack Welch, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates. The Business Way Series looks at their deals, schemes, and dreams, revealing how each planned his career, crushed his competitors, and ended up on top. It supplies both a valuable insight into the ingredients of success and a concise source of important lessons for the next generation of winners.

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  1. Muy buena Rody.;)
    Estas serie de biografias de los grandes magnates son muy interesantes.
    Si puedes poner mas te lo vamos a agradecer infinitamente.