lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands"

Sellout "Brand" or just plain "Bland"? In Lovemarks, advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts delves deep into what mysteries lie behind the long-term success and unwavering customer loyalty for a can of Coke or a pair of Levi's, ultimately concluding that Love is the answer, and without some emotional connection to a product, it will dry up like a generic raisin in the sun. Enter Lovemarks, the new marketing buzzword, which will likely be bandied about at board meetings as vigorously as The Tipping Point.

But before Roberts can get to what in fact a Lovemark means in the worlds of advertising and marketing, he takes us on a virtual tour of his CV. There was his first post at Mary Quant in London, then the gig as New Products Manager of Gillette International in the Middle East, on to CEO of Pepsi in Canada, and later the same role at Lion Nathan in New Zealand. The list goes on, and so does Roberts--on and on--about his achievements and experience building brand awareness and shaking things up (he famously machine-gunned a vending machine at a presentation for a spot on the evening news). More importantly, he succeeds at blasting away the smoke and mirrors that might prevent a creative genius (or an ordinary consumer) from seeing what makes Superman the most beloved super-hero of all time.

Despite the somewhat egocentric approach to taking us there (he is, after-all, a pretty smart guy), we arrive at Roberts's point beautifully, and see what he sees: "That human attention has become our principle currency." And that, in these times, forming long-term emotionally charged relationships with customers is the only way to make a product weather the long haul. And while Roberts speaks to us in a spirited, conversational manner (that makes Lovemarks a pleasure to read), the design of the book seems to work against him, as convoluted typography and a general lack of layout consistency give the book a visually amateurish look. --Christene Barberich

Management Ebooks: "Buffett Beyond Value: Why Warren Buffett Looks to Growth and Management When Investing"

A detailed look at how Warren Buffett really invests In this engaging new book, author Prem Jain extracts Warren Buffett's wisdom from his writings, Berkshire Hathaway financial statements, and his letters to shareholders and partners in his partnership firms-thousands of pages written over the last fifty years. Jain uncovers the key elements of Buffett's approach that every investor should be aware of.

With Buffett Beyond Value, you'll learn that, contrary to popular belief, Warren Buffett is not a pure value investor, but a unique thinker who combines the principles of both value and growth investing strategies. You'll also discover why understanding CEOs is more important than studying financial metrics; and why you need an appropriate psychological temperament to be a successful investor.

* Reveals Buffett's multifaceted investment principles

* Discusses how Buffett thinks differently from others about portfolio diversification, market efficiency, and corporate governance
* Highlights how you can build a diverse and profitable investment portfolio

With this book as your guide, you'll learn how to successfully invest like Warren Buffett.

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Advertising"

Geared to the fast-changing media world of the 21st century, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Advertising was written to offer both basic advertising concepts and advanced, state-of-the-art information about the new advertising environment. In its pages, two expert authors walk the entrepreneur through each and every stage necessary to create an integrated and synergistic advertising and marketing communications program.

This guide covers all of the many facets of advertising, as well as the variables that make up the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) mix. Most notably, the book pres a framework entrepreneurs can use to develop a marketing communication (MARCOM) plan of their own. Readers will come away from The Entrepreneur's Guide to Advertising with an enhanced ability to make research-based judgments about their market and a new savvy about their approach to communications.

Politics Magazine - May 2010

Politics magazine educates, informs, entertains and connects all those who touch politics, from high-profile players to political junkies and casual observers. The magazine is published 13 times per year by Political World Communications, LLC.

Management Ebooks: "Indispensable By Monday"

The basic goal of business is profit. Indispensable by Monday empowers you to embrace this goal as your own. If you've got a job, you'll find out how to improve and advance in it. If you're searching for a job, you'll get the tools you need to beat the competition. No matter what you do or where you do it, Indispensable by Monday offers you the surest way to make your value tangible and your success lasting.

sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: " The New Rules of Marketing and PR Directly, 2nd Edition"

For marketers, The New Rules of Marketing and PR shows you how to leverage the potential that Web-based communication offers your business. Finally, you can speak directly to customers and buyers, establishing a personal link with the people who make your business work. This one-of-a-kind guide includes a step-by-step action plan for harnessing the power of the Internet to create compelling messages, get them in front of customers, and lead those customers into the buying process.

Revistas Económicas: The Economist - May 29th - June 4th 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista
The Economist correspondiente al 29 de mayo de 2010.

Management Ebooks: "Never by Chance"

Great business performance doesn't happen by chance. You can have all the cost-cutting initiatives, employee engagement programs, and technology upgrades that you want, but unless every resource and employee are intentionally aligned with a compelling vision, you'll leave too much on the table and lose out to competitors. So what is the key to getting breakthrough results in this age of "doing more with less"?

Never by Chance gives you a top-to-bottom guide on how great businesses accelerate their strategies in spite of today's resource-constrained environment. Forgoing the usual miracle cures, this realistic approach will help leaders catalyze their organizations by adopting the leadership mindset that "every resource that can be valuable, will be valuable."
In Never by Chance, you'll find:
  • The direct link between vision and stakeholder success
  • Why a purposeful customer experience is absolutely necessary
  • Why you may no longer be relevant to your customers
  • How to use your culture as a competitive advantage
  • Why intentional leadership matters
A strong quarter, hot product, or sudden sales bump can always be a fluke, but sustained excellence is never an accident. Written by three seasoned experts on aligning people and strategy to drive measurable results, Never by Chance gives you and your team an engaging and empowering road map to create clear competitive advantage and distinguish your company in today's ultra-competitive market.

viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Revistas Económicas: Business Week - May, 31 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista
Business Week correspondiente al 31 de mayo de 2010.

Marketing Ebooks: "Turn Clicks Into Customers: Proven Marketing Techniques for Converting Online Traffic into Revenue"

Turn online visitors into paying customers!

You’ve gone through all steps of developing a powerful business presence on the Web-—but it’s only the first step. Now, you have to make sure your visitors hit the “Purchase” button . . . before they start clicking through to your competitor’s site.

From Duane Forrester, a leading expert in Search Engine Optimization and the author of the popular How to Make Money With Your Blog, comes a highly practical guide for using all the online tools available for turning curious visitors into paying customers. Turn Clicks into Customers reveals proven techniques for not only standing out in a crowded marketplace but for reaching customers who are most eager to buy your products or services.

Forrester explains what works and what doesn’t for multiple online marketing strategies, including:

  • E-mail
  • Online searches
  • Internet advertising
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Social networking

You’ll learn best practices for each strategy at both a local and global level to reach more paying customers than ever before. Plus, you’ll get interviews with global experts who reveal proven tactics they’ve used to successfully turn Clicks into Customers.

Management Ebooks: "Common Purpose: How Great Leaders Get Organizations to Achieve the Extraordinary"

What is common purpose? It is that rare, almost-palpable experience that happens when a leader coalesces a group, team or community into a creative, dynamic, brave and nearly invincible we. It happens the moment the organization's values, tools, objectives and hopes are internalized in a way that enables people to work tirelessly toward a goal. Common purpose is rarely achieved. But Kurtzman has observed that when a leader is able to bring it about, the results are outsized, measurable and inspiring.

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance"

This award-winning book will show you how to apply the right metrics to all your marketing investments, get accurate answers, and use them to systematically improve ROI.

You’ll find practical, up-to-the-minute techniques for measuring everything from brand equity to social media, market share to web engagement. For every metric, the authors present real-world pros, cons, and tradeoffs--and help you understand what the numbers really mean.

You’ll learn how to design and interpret marketing dashboards to identify emerging opportunities and risks and use powerful new modeling techniques to optimize every decision you make. In this second edition the authors expand their treatment of social marketing, web metrics, and brand equity. They also give readers new systems for organizing marketing metrics into models and dashboards that translate numbers into management insight.

  • Strategy + Business “Best Books in Marketing” award winner—now fully updated!
  • 30% more coverage: from social media and brand equity to modeling for better decision-making
  • Covers promotions, advertising, distribution, customer perception, market share, pricing, margins, portfolios, channels, dashboards, and much more

Management Ebooks: "Guide to Economic Indicators"

It is essential in business and many professions today to have a thorough understanding of economic information. Written for the non-specialist, this highly accessible guide provides the keys to understanding all the major and many lesser economic indicators: what they are, the areas they cover, their reliability, and how and why to interpret them. It contains chapters covering: GDP (Gross Domestic Product), GNP (Gross National Product) and GNI (Gross National Income) ... Growth, trends and cycles ... Population, employment, unemployment... Government... Consumers... Investment and savings... Industry and commerce... Balance of payments... Exchange rates... Money and financial marketsNow in its sixth edition this fully updated, revised guide is invaluable for anyone who needs or simply wants to have the underlying economic realities of the world we live in clearly explained.

miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "The Truth About Creating Brands People Love"

Branding: secrets revealed, best practices explained, pitfalls exposed!
• The truth about positioning brands and developing brand meaning
• The truth about brands as corporate profit drivers
• The truth about advertising, pricing, segmentation, and more

Simply the best thinking

the truth and nothing but the truth

This book reveals the 51 bite-size, easy-to-use techniques for building great brands—and keeping them great.

“I recommend this punchy, provocative book that uses vivid case studies to remind us of 51 truths about brands.”
AAKER, Vice-Chairman, Prophet and Author of Building Strong Brands and Spanning Silos

Management Ebooks: "How to Write a Business Plan"

Starting with the premise that there's only one chance to make a good impression, How to Write a Business Plan covers all the issues involved in producing a business plan – from profiling competitors and forecasting market development, to the importance of providing clear and concise financial information. It also includes a full glossary, case histories and a detailed section on the related issue of how a company can best use internal business plans.

martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Customer Obsession: How to Acquire, Retain, and Grow Customers in the New Age of Relationship Marketing"

Customer Obsession is an invaluable hands-on guide to the next generation of customer relationship marketing. Abaetê de Azevedo and Ricardo Pomeranz, top leaders at the world-renowned direct marketing agency Rapp Collins, reveal how businesses of any size can develop a global strategy that embraces today's empowered consumers and encourages the development of meaningful, profitable relationships with them.

Sharing insider details from Rapp Collins's breakthrough methodology, the authors provide the tools to implement the next level of relationship marketing, enabling you to pinpoint the unique value of every customer and specific direct marketing techniques for winning them over.

You get practical steps for integrating your brand communications and identifying a strong marketing concept to create a campaign that establishes personalized connections with consumers. Then, you'll learn how to:

  • Implement your relationship marketing program in four phases: strategic analysis, planning, implementation, and control
  • Utilize databases to gather individualized information and create targeted messages
  • Create specific campaigns that are relevant to different segments of consumers
  • Measure marketing campaign results with ROI calculation models
  • Develop practices that will continuously improve ROI

Rounding out this invaluable guide are illuminating case studies of numerous national and international brands that successfully used relationship marketing to meet their communication needs. Customer Obsession is the definitive roadmap for all businesses that want to achieve the maximum return for their marketing investments.

Management Ebooks: ""The Oxford Handbook of Business and Government""

Business is one of the major power centres in modern society. The state seeks to check and channel that power so as to serve broader public policy objectives. However, if the way in which business is governed is ineffective or over burdensome, it may become more difficult to achieve desired goals such as economic growth or higher levels of employment. In a period of international economic crisis, the study of how business and government relate to each other in different countries is of more central importance than ever.

The volume provides an authoritative overview with chapters by leading authorities on the current state of knowledge of business-government relations, but also points to ways in which this work might be developed in the future, e.g., through a political theory of the firm.

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Revistas Económicas: Harvard Business Review - June 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista Harvard Business Review correspondiente al mes de junio de 2010.

Marketing Ebooks: "Profitable Marketing Communications"

Many companies still see marketing as a cost, not an investment. According to proven business strategist Antony Young, marketing creates positive value for a business or brand by demonstrating cost versus return. Young and co-author Lucy Aitken propose a radical change in marketing philosophy to an investment-led approach with a focus on value, not cost. The book introduces investment disciplines and strategies to marketing practices and gives insight into how marketers have delivered outstanding marketing return on investment. Finally, it provides a blueprint to maximize the returns from marketing communications.

Management Ebooks: "18 Steps for Starting Your Business"

Starting your own business is always exciting, but it also means that you need to understand and do all of the things that will turn your great idea into a functioning company.With all of the things to be considered (your business name, location, legal structure, business license, seller’s permits, insurance, web site, finance, marketing, etc.), it is easy to feel as if you are going through a maze. This step-by-step guide is thorough, clear, concise, and easy-to-follow. Linda Pinson has been successfully educating entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. With this book, she has once again provided you with one of the most dependable and informative sources on the market. Packed with the most up-to-date information, forms, examples, and worksheets, this book will guide you patiently through everything you need to start a successful new business.

Find the right business for you by matching your skills and interests Decide if it is best to buy a business, start your own company, buy a franchise, or be a social entrepreneur Find out how to get a business license, file a DBA, and get a seller’s permit Name your business, decide on your legal structure, and choose a location See if you qualify for a home-based business Protect your business with insurance, copyrights, trademarks and patents Look at financing options for your business Set up your bookkeeping and plan your cash flow Research your target market and plan your advertising strategy Learn Internet basics and develop a web site for your business Learn the basics of business planning.

domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Uso de Internet desde el móvil: Tendencias de Futuro"

¿Quiénes navegan desde el móvil?, ¿qué contenidos buscan?, ¿desde qué móviles lo suelen hacer? La audiencia de internet desde dispositivos móviles se ha incrementado en un 47% durante el pasado año y que el perfil de sus usuarios son hombres (61%), con una edad de entre 25 y 34 años, que se decantan por la búsqueda de información en portales y buscadores y por el acceso al correo electrónico.

El estudio pone de manifiesto que el mercado de móviles y smartphones tiene cada vez más relevancia para los anunciantes, ya que ven en él un medio poco saturado donde obtener un buen recuerdo de marca y poder segmentar mejor sus audiencias.

Por ello, las marcas están apostando por sustituir poco a poco la tradicional segmentación de operadora o dispositivo, pasando a variables sociodemográficas y de geolocalización que les permitan llegar de una manera más certera a sus públicos.

The Leader Magazine, May/June 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista The Leader correspondiente a los meses de mayo - junio de 2010.

Management Ebooks: "SuperCycles: The New Economic Force Transforming Global Markets and Investment Strategy"

A brilliantly original assessment of what caused the global crash—and a practical plan for investing accordingly

Supercycles, according to international economist and strategist, Arun Motianey, are the continuous, long waves of boom and bust that undulate through the global economic and financial systems. More often than not, they are the result of policymakers' well-intentioned but misguided attempts to achieve price stability. In Supercycles, Motianey surpasses the traditional business cycle model ("Boom and Bust"), to provide a detailed, objective, and at times surprising explanation of global economics.

Drawing heavily on history and informed by cautious readings of a wide range of economic thought, Motianey critiques the way macroeconomics has been practiced by the major powers' central banks through the years.

Specifically, it was the banks' intervention, ostensibly in the quest for price stability that actually served to entrench price instability. Further, he makes a compelling case for the new tools we'll be using to manage the post-meltdown global economy, and even advises on investor portfolios to protect us from the likeliest scenarios that occur when a supercycle enters its terminal phase.

A cogent and impossible-to-ignore mixture of economics, finance, policy, risk management, and investment advice from a global perspective, Supercycles is certain to inform and inspire debate among investors, academics, and casual readers alike.

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Revistas Economicas: The Economist May 22nd - May 28th 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista
The Economist correspondiente al 22 de mayo de 2010.

Marketing Ebooks: "CRM at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition: Social CRM 2.0 Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers"

A social revolution in how we communicate has taken place in recent years. Smartphones, social web tools, and the instant availability of information in an aggregated and organized way provide real-time intelligence to customers, not just the enterprise.

Social CRM is critical to business success in today's hyper-connected environment. Customers' expectations are so great and their demands so empowered that a Social CRM strategy must be built around collaboration and customers engagement, not traditional operational customer management. It's the company's response to the customer's control of the conversation that makes Social CRM work.

Written by CRM guru Paul Greenberg, CRM at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition, reveals best practices for a successful Social CRM implementation. Greenberg explains how this new paradigm involves the customer in a synergetic discussion to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment.

Throughout this definitive volume, you'll find examples of the new strategies for customer engagement and collaboration being used by cutting-edge companies, along with expert guidance on how your organization can and should adopt these innovations.

CRM at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition, reviews the lat4est technological developments in the operational side of CRM, including vertical applications, and explains the fundamentals of the multifaceted CRM framework.

Revistas Económicas: Gulf Business - May 2010

Eleven years old and going strong, Gulf Business has remained the region’s premier business monthly for the region’s decision-makers, corporate leaders and high-ranking business and government executives.

The magazine offers readers cutting-edge analysis of news and views that have a direct bearing on their businesses and work, providing insights into the local and regional business domains.

Covering a wide gamut of economic sectors — from oil and gas to real estate, banking to stock markets, technology to human resources, and investment to art, to name a few — the magazine is a must-read for business owners, corporate leaders, administrative or government officials, top-level executives or even those who want to become one.

Over the years, through its credible and intelligent reporting, landmark features and incisive analysis of business news and views, Gulf Business has firmly establised itself as the indispensable guide to doing business and remaining in business in the Gulf Region.

With four dedicated monthly editions – Regional (available in the UAE, Kuwait and Oman), Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain – Gulf Business covers the entire region like no other business publication does.

Management Ebooks: "Prepare to Sell Your Company"

Selling your company is a trying time, similar to selling your house. For those unfamiliar with this process, the challenging thoughts will be: 'How do I start?'; 'Who can help me?'; 'How much can I get for the business?'; 'Who is most likely to buy it, and where do I find them?'; 'When should I do it?' This book will answer all your questions. Easy to read, it covers all the practical aspects of preparing your business for sale. It will show you just how a potential acquirer will view a company that is up for sale. This will enable you to: - develop a business profile that will attract buyers - and maintain their interest until completion - build into the business those aspects that will encourage a buyer to increase their bid.

This book will take you through the sale process: preparation, marketing, acceptance of offer, the 'due diligence examination' (the vendor's nightmare), successful completion, and beyond. - What you need to do when selling your company - Setting your desired exit package - Constructing an exit strategy that works for you - Introducing a corporate structure to make sale easier - Organising company finances and tax liabilities in preparation - Matching results to budgets - Identifying your company's intellectual assets - Telling staff about the company sale - Pre-sale and post-completion activities.

viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

Revistas Económicas: Business Week - May 24 - May 30, 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista
Business Week correspondiente al 24 de mayo de 2010.

Marketing Ebooks: "Ingredient Branding: Making the Invisible Visible"

An Ingredient Brand is exactly what the name implies: an ingredient or component of a product that has its own brand identity. This is the first comprehensive book that explains how Ingredient Branding works and how brand managers can successfully improve the performance of component marketing.

The authors have examined more than one hundred examples, analyzed four industries and developed nine detailed case studies to demonstrate the viability of this marketing innovation. The new concepts and principles can easily be applied by professionals. In the light of the success stories of Intel, GoreTex, Dolby, TetraPak, Shimano, and Teflon it can be expected that component suppliers will increasingly use Ingredient Branding strategies in the future.

Revistas Económicas: US News & World Report - Summer 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista US News & World Report correspondiente a la edición de verano.

Management Ebooks: "Investing Without Borders: How Six Billion Investors Can Find Profits in the Global Economy"

An insightful examination of the skills needed to be a proactive investor and find diverse investment opportunities in the emerging economy

There is no little league on Wall Street and no white belts. Here or abroad, you are put in immediately with the black belts – the best and the brightest. Think like an amateur and they will eat your lunch in China or in the U.S. Attempting to invest overseas like a robot and following the leader will produce results just as bad as investing that way at home. While many investors are smart, creative individuals, when exposed to the herd, they tend to follow group mentality and succumb to what the people around them believe. Avoiding this trap can mean big profits for you.

With The Investment Warrior, author Daniel Frishberg-a financial professional with more than thirty years experience in the industry-shows you how to break from the pack and build a winning portfolio. The investor in the old economy didn't think critically about changing economic or political conditions around the world. He never really had to. He was lulled to sleep by the enduring dominance of the U.S. economy. This book teaches you to be an awake and aware investor, ready for the changing financial environment. Throughout the book, Frishberg discusses what it takes to successfully invest both domestically and abroad and provides practical examples. This book
  • Goes beyond the current crisis and explores the importance of diversifying and escaping the "herd" mentality that hinders most investors
  • Contains insights into investing for the long term and taking advantage of the growing world economy
  • Details the staggering amount of resources being applied to the global boom and what this means for your investments
The lessons of this book go beyond today's economic crisis. Frishberg will provide you with insights to be used in all investing circumstances. Everyone wants to oversimplify. This is one of the most costly human foibles. You can capture considerable profits by going out on your own, and with The Investment Warrior as your guide, you'll quickly discover how.

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "The New Direct Marketing: How to Implement A Profit-Driven Database Marketing Strategy"

In today's take-no-prisoners direct marketing battleground, the only way to win is to recognize and exploit all of DMAEs interconnecting components. Using cutting-edge research and examples drawn from today's business pages, The New Direct Marketing, Third Edition, by the award-winning David Shepard Associates, shows you how to sell to increasingly wary and jaded consumers. This exhaustively updated edition introduces you to recent technological changes, from data mining, data warehouses, and CHAID modelling, to profitable use of the Internet.

Revistas Economicas: Advisor Today, May 2010

Advisor Today has been the source of information for insurance and financial advisors. And, every month Advisor Today continues to deliver ideas, news and strategies to help financial and insurance advisors succeed. Features, Expert Advice articles, columns and more bring advisors the financial and professional expertise, sales techniques, advice on practice management and industry news they need as licensed insurance and financial advisors.

Management Ebooks: "La Empresa Total"

¿Qué experiencia es hoy la del trabajo? ¿En qué consiste la precariedad y la vulnerabilidad laborales? ¿Cómo funciona la empresa moderna y que reciente evolución ha puesto en manos de la dirección el control total sobre la fuerza de trabajo? En este libro, compilado y editado por Renato Curcio, son los trabajadores y las trabajadoras de las grandes empresas de distribución y comercialización (centros logísticos, supermercados, cadenas comerciales, etc.) quienes cuentan su experiencia.

Las formas de mando y las técnicas de gestión de los recursos humanos, los mecanismos de cooptación y de destrucción de las resistencias, la asfixiante atmósfera de indefensión y aislamiento, pero también las estrategias de supervivencia, los ensayos de organización sindical y la posibilidad de un nuevo frente laboral que ponga fin a la gestión total de la empresa. Este libro se ofrece, así, como un mapa elemental de ruta para sindicalistas vocacionales e irreductibles, pero también como un instrumento de acercamiento a una realidad que puede ser la de cualquiera.

miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are"

Use Mobile Marketing to Supercharge Brands, Sales, and Profits!

Using brand-new mobile marketing techniques, you can craft campaigns that are more personal, targeted, immediate, measurable, actionable–and fun! Now, one of the field’s leading pioneers shows exactly how to make mobile marketing work for your business. Cindy Krum cuts through the hype, revealing what’s working–and what isn’t. She guides you through identifying the right strategies and tactics for your products, services, brands, and customers…avoiding overly intrusive, counterproductive techniques…and how to successfully integrate mobile into your existing marketing mix. Above all, Krum shows you how to effectively execute on your mobile marketing opportunities–driving greater brand awareness, stronger customer loyalty, more sales, and higher profits.

Topics include:

• Getting started fast with mobile marketing

• Understanding the international mobile marketing landscape

• Targeting and tracking the fast-changing mobile demographic

• Taking full advantage of the iPhone platform

• Leveraging mobile advertising, promotion, and location-based marketing

• Building micro-sites and mobile applications

• Performing search engine optimization for mobile sites and applications

• Building effective mobile affiliate marketing programs

• Integrating online and offline mobile marketing

• Avoiding mobile marketing spam, viruses, and privacy violations

• Previewing the future of mobile marketing

Revistas Económicas: Fast Company - May 2010

Fast Company Magazine: Catch up with the groundbreaking pacesetters and innovative ideas that make the business world take off. Learn what makes businesses succeed. Find out how the best are thriving and how you can too. Fast Company is not your average conservative business magazine - its business with an edge.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance - June 2010

Kiplinger's Personal Finance was written to help you do a better job of managing your personal and family financial affairs and to help you get more for your money. You get ideas on saving, investing, cutting taxes, making major purchases, advancing your career, buying a home, paying for education, health care and travel, plus much, much more.

Management Ebooks: "Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders: How Your Genes Affect Your Work Life"

It's no secret that your genes have a subtle, but powerful impact on your job and career. But did you know that your DNA accounts for one third of the difference between you and your co-workers in many aspects of work life, from job satisfaction to income level? That's the revelation of this fascinating book--one that will change the way you think It's no secret that your genes have a subtle, but powerful impact on your job and career.

Despite extensive evidence highlighting the influence of genetics in the business world, this critical connection has been glossed over by corporate leaders and management gurus. Now, for the first time, author Scott Shane explains why genes matter, and how an understanding of their relationship to behavior is of vital importance to employers, employees, and policy makers. This eye-opening resource begins with an incisive look at the basic function of genes and their effects on organizational behavior, providing a real-world analysis of how genes influence numerous aspects of our professional lives, from the jobs we choose, to how effectively we make decisions and manage people. Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders also delves into role that genetics plays in creativity and innovation, and focuses on how genes affect our tendency to start companies. Armed with these insights, you'll not only learn how to leverage your innate skills and personality, but you'll discover how to succeed by acting in ways contrary to your "nature."

Packed with scientifically grounded insights, this phenomenal book also examines the potential use of genetic information in creating job assignments and designing incentive and training plans. Ultimately, Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders shows how a heightened awareness of your own-and your colleagues'-genetic predispositions can make you a better employee or employer.

martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Marketing Minds: How to Think Like the World's Greatest Marketing Minds"

Each volume in The Leader's Edge Series illuminates it particular area of business expertise, from new media growth and innovations in information technology to state-of-the-art marketing and Wall Street wizardry. Highlighting the origins and theory behind each winning strategy, the series shows readers exactly how to customize and apply the strategies in their workplace. Full of fascinating quotes, anecdotes, little-known facts, and expert analyses of such iconic figures as Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, David Ogilvy, William Hewlett, and Steve Jobs, this practical and inspiring new series promises to equip every reader with the invaluable Leader's Edge.

In today's world of colossal consolidation and mega-mergers, business success relies more than ever upon ingenious branding methods, top-notch publicity schemes, and cutting-edge marketing plans to insure that one's organization stands out above all others. And the icons profiled in this invaluable book of business lessons are the undisputed masters of "stand-out" marketing. Author Marcia Turner showcases the classic marketing master-plans of our time and lays out a refreshingly practical methodology that can be used by executives and entrepreneurs in any industry who are looking to duplicate thesuccess of such legends as David Ogilvy, Jack Trout, and Martha Stewart.

Revistas Económicas: Talent Management Magazine - Mayo 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista Talent Management correspondiente al mes de mayo de 2010.

Management Ebooks: "Siete estrategias para alcanzar riqueza y felicidad"

Poco después de cumplir veinticinco años me encontré un día con un hombre llamado Earl Shoaff. En aquellos momentos no podía imaginarme lo que tal acontecimiento iba a significar para mi futuro.

Hasta entonces mi vida había sido tan anodina como la de esa gran mayoría de personas que arrastran una existencia gris sin éxito ni felicidad. Mi infancia y juventud fueron maravillosas, y fui creciendo en los encantadores parajes plagados de pueblitos donde se desparraman las granjas del suroeste de Idaho, a unos pasos de las riberas del Snake River. Cuando salí del hogar confiaba plenamente en conseguir el «sueño americano».

Sin embargo, las cosas no se desarrollaron completamente como yo suponía. Después de terminar el bachillerato pasé a la universidad, pero al finalizar el primer año decidí que ya había aprendido lo suficiente, y lo dejé. Éste fue un gran error, uno de los mayores de entre los muchos que cometí en aquellos años mozos. Pero entonces, yo estaba impaciente por trabajar y ganar dinero, imaginándome que no sería difícil encontrar trabajo, lo que resultó ser completamente cierto. Conseguir un empleo era bastante sencillo (todavía me faltaba comprender la diferencia que existe entre ganarse la vida y vivir la vida).

Poco después de empezar a trabajar me casé; y como todo marido típico, hice a mi esposa un montón de promesas sobre el maravilloso futuro que nos aguardaba «a ciencia cierta» a la vuelta de la esquina; después de todo, yo tenía ambición, deseaba el éxito con toda mi juvenil sinceridad y trabajaba mucho. ¡El éxito estaba asegurado!. Al menos, eso pensaba yo...

Cuando cumplí los veinticinco años, llevaba trabajando más de seis, y quise hacer un balance de mis progresos. En mi corazón albergaba la inquietante sospecha de que las cosas no iban del todo bien. Mi salario semanal ascendía a cincuenta y seis dólares. Con eso no cubría mis grandes promesas, ni tampoco la serie de facturas que se iban acumulando sobre nuestra raquítica mesa de cocina.

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

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Revista Imagen y Comunicación - Abril 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista Imagen y Comunicación correspondiente al mes de abril de 2010.

Management Ebooks: "The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development"

Praise for The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development

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Marketing Ebooks: "Marketing and Selling Professional Services in Architecture and Construction"

This practical book on selling and marketing will help architects, engineers, project managers, facilities managers, surveyors, and contractors ‘sell’ themselves to prospective clients.

As clients become more sophisticated at both local and international level, and as competition in the construction industry increases, both contractors and consultants have to take a more professional approach to selling themselves. This is especially true for PFI bids where vast resources are committed to winning multi-million pound contracts.

Through a simple-to-follow process, illustrated with plenty of diagrams and checklists, Marketing & Selling Professional Services in Architecture & Construction sets out the seven key aspects of selling and marketing professional services. It is full of applicable ideas and examples and is well structured to enable readers to dip into the section relevant to their current needs.

Revistas Económicas: Decisión Empresarial - Mayo 2010

Edición en formato Pdf de la revista Decisión Empresarial correspondiente al mes de abril. El objetivo de esta revista es consolidar y proporcionar conocimientos prácticos que sirvan como fuente de inspiración para la toma de decisiones y manejo empresarial de los hombres y mujeres de negocios, partiendo de un análisis objetivo, razonable, verdadero y con fundamentos científicos comprobables de la información que ofrece la realidad económica regional, nacional e internacional generada en el mundo.