lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Brand for Talent: Eight Essentials to Make Your Talent as Famous as Your Brand"

The marketplace for talent becomes more intense with each year, no matter how turbulent the economy may be. Using every social media tool available at their fingertips, workers bring high expectations—and well-honed skills as retail consumers—to search for work experiences that offer connection and fulfillment beyond traditional definitions of task, opportunity, and security.

This change makes a brand an essential part of any business strategy to secure talent. But a traditional employer brand is no longer enough. In this book, brand experts Mark Schumann and Libby Sartain introduce a new business marketing tool—the talent brand—with examples from a number of the world's leading brands. While the employer brand must resonate with people on the inside of a business, the talent brand must attract segments of workers to join, stay, and engage.

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  1. interesantisimo libro que todo profesional debe leer en este mundo global y de marcas.
    Gracias Rody tu siempre tan agudo para escoger los libros mas interesante y de calidad.