martes, 20 de julio de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Top 20 Most Valuable Global Retail Brands"

This report helps illuminate the radical changes reshaping retail as shoppers, chastened by the recession and empowered with technology, think differently about what and how they purchase. Here are just three of many critical considerations:

First, brand is a prerequisite of retail success. How retailers build their brands impacts all aspects of their business. Brand is key to effective merchandising. It converts private label from a margin-building tactic to a strategic symbol of brand equity. Brand alone secures an enduring place in the mind of the consumer. It is fundamental to the supplier-retailer relationship.

Second, retailers own the conversation with shoppers. Through their loyalty programs and daily interactions with shoppers, retailers have the most authentic and perpetually updated understanding of the shopper. This knowledge is critical to suppliers who need to engage with their retailer customers to actively participate in the conversation.

Third, retail is becoming even more competitive. In developing markets, retailers face tough competition both from traditional outlets and the modern trade. In saturated “post-modern” markets, hyper competition for share of wallet has replaced expanding square footage as the engine of growth. Suppliers play a critical role in helping retailers succeed amid the local competitive forces.

This report elaborates on these considerations and many others. It provides the ingredients needed in order to thrive in this new retail environment: the best data, original insights and compelling ideas that will drive our businesses forward. Kantar Retail is pleased to provide this report. We believe that it will help you think differently about your business, its challenges and opportunities.

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