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Marketing Ebooks: "Film Marketing"

Film Marketing is the first book to consolidate existing literature into a well informed and academically sound textbook. The book focuses on the film industry as a whole, which incorporates popular (mainstream) fiction films (usually) in English, non English language fiction films, documentary films and art house films. In doing so, it is firmly embedded in the global film industry.

Although the film industry is global, it is dominated by the Hollywood major studios, and as such, discussion of the Hollywood film industry will be highlighted. But, unlike other film marketing books on the market, this book also highlights other successful film industries, such as Korea, Nigeria and India, as well as looking at examples of film marketing practices from a range of other countries which provide interesting case studies from Denmark, France, the UK and Hong Kong.

Film Marketing offers the student a unique combination of theory and practice and written in accessible student-friendly manner, presents an appealing and must-have text for anyone studying film. The book includes full pedagogical features and additional lecture resources, available at www.textbooks.elsevier.com allowing for easy use by both lecturer and student.

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