jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "When Customers Talk... Turn What They Tell You into Sales"

Survey of more than 100,000 consumers reveals how they want to be treated, and the way they want to buy.

What do customers really want? Not all retailers are in the habit of list
ening when customers talk. They can do better, according to master customer service speaker, author, and consultant T. Scott Gross. In fact, research shows that unhappy customers talk about negative experiences for an average of 18 months. Once they have a bad experience, it will take 12 positive experiences to make up for it. However, if a complaint is resolved, count on an intensely loyal customer.

In When Customers Talk, the third volume in his customer service s
eries, Gross partners with consumer researcher Joe Pilotta from BIGresearch to draw conclusions for frontline retailers and managers based on the insights of 100,000 retail customers. This approachable, must-have guide offers detailed insights to help retailers learn how to anticipate customer needs and take advantage of emerging trends.
Written in an engaging style, and backed by statistical research, When Customers Talk helps retailers:

* Bridge the disconnect between retailers' and customers' attitudes.
* Ask the right questions to get answers that will make a difference.
* Turn the knowledge of customers' habits into sales.
* Leverage customers' loyalty for a lifetime relationship: heart, mind, and wallet.
* Understand pricing and discounting to maximize profits.
* Tap into technology to avoid being blindsided by changes.

With customer insight "straight from the horse's mouth," retail man
agers disregard this information at their peril!

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