jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Cyberbranding: Brand Building in the Digital Economy"

Framework for integrating marketing strategies for the Internet with traditional marketing strategies. Shows how to move a brand online without affecting its value, how to re-engineer an existing brand to better suit the new Internet economy, and how to create new brands that sell well on the Web. DLC: Brand choice.

It has become fashionable in recent months to beat up on the Internet evangelists who told us how brands like eToys and Furniture were going to make the world forget about Toys "r" Us and Ethan Allen. The notion that young, aggressive entrepreneurs were going to change the rules of business and steal the bread off the tables of traditional companies was too good a story to ignore. Netscape's Marc Andreessen and Yahoo's Jerry Yang and David Filo were poster children for the new era. Stock options promised to turn even low-level programmers into millionaires. During my four years as an editor of Internet World magazine, our publication was one of several voices to warn that the Wall Street rollercoaster ride would ultimately hit a big descent. We saw fundamental challenges related to customer acquisition costs, low-margin merchandise, poor customer service, and the logistical nightmares of shipping dining room sets and other products across the country. But still the IPOs kept coming and every wild success drove more half-baked business plans into the public markets.

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