viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Management Ebooks: "The Human Side of Leadership: Navigating Emotions at Work"

Any management decision that involves people (in other words, any management decision) has an emotional component. Given the ubiquitous nature of emotions as part of the human psyche, one would expect leaders and managers to be we
ll-trained and equipped to deal with emotions in the workplace. On the contrary, the emotional side of being a leader is largely ignored in formal and informal training programs, often resulting in miscommunication between managers and their employees, and contributing to workplace stress.

Though concepts such as "emotional intelligence" have entered the mainstream, systematic development of skills in managing emotions in the workplace have yet to emerge, and are often relegated to the "touchy-feely" end of the spectrum. This book argues that without acknowledging the powerful influence of emotions--their own as well as others'--managers are doomed to fail in their interactions with employees, peers, and bosses
, and ultimately in their ability to manage and lead effectively. Ginsberg and Davies draw from primary research, including interviews with managers in a variety of settings, to introduce readers to the "emotional side of leadership" and demonstrate its positive effects on individual and organizational performance. They present practical tools for honing emotional navigation skills and applying them toward decision making, problem solving, communication, feedback, and performance improvement.

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