viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "How to Make Money with Social Media"

“Return on investment in social media is like the weather: Everybody talks about it, but nobody is doing anything about it. With this book, Jamie Turner and Reshma Shah set you up for success with some key fundamentals, and then give you some very specific and illustrative examples on how to calculate the ROI of your social media efforts.”
–Scott Monty, Global Digital Communications, Ford Motor Company

“If you simply slap a few tools like Twitter and Facebook onto your existing marketing, you are not engaging. Social media are more than tools. But if you change your mindset, you can make money. This book is packed with information to show you how.”

–David Meerman Scott, bestselling author, The New Rules of Marketing, and coauthor, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead

Want to earn big profits from social media?

Now, there’s an authoritative, up-to-the-minute resource you can trust–and use.

This in-the-trenches guide is written by experts who’ve developed money-making marketing campaigns for many of the world’s largest companies. Jamie Turner and Reshm
a Shah, Ph.D., combine practical strategies and proven execution techniques to show how to avoid crucial pitfalls that other companies have encountered, how to make the most of limited resources, and how to strengthen your brand instead of placing it at risk.

Turner and Shah present realistic guidance for setting objectives, assessing competitors, crafting strategies, selecting platforms, integrating social media into broader marketing programs, and effectively measuring results. Whether you’re a marketer, executive, or entrepreneur, this book will help you drive maximum business value from soc
ial media–starting right now.

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  1. Thanks for making this downloadable, else i was about to pay few dollars! thanks

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  2. Un tema de tremenda actualidad y que esta redefiniendolo todo , sera un placer leerlo , gracias