martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Perspectives on Marketing"

Who's the real marketing expert: the agency or the client? Each has a different approach to what really works and what consumers will respond to. Each approaches marketing strategy from a different angle - a different perspective - and without understanding both points of view, the picture is never fully complete.

Perspectives on Marketing is the first book to offer both sides of the story. In an easy-to-read, question/answer format, Jason Miletsky provides the agency perspective while Michael Hand gives the client point of view on topics including:

  • The dynamics of the client/agency relationship
  • The foundations of marketing - what marketing's really about
  • Executing a successful effort
  • The best ways to measure results
  • The best and worst campaigns ever run

What makes this book different from other marketing books is that there is no author collaboration or sharing of information during the writing process. Neither author was aware of what the other was writing. The result is a fascinating, no-holds-barred look at marketing as both the client and agency see it, leaving readers with a list of action items and a better understanding of core marketing concepts to dramatically improve their strategies.

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