sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

Revistas Económicas: Gulf Business - May 2010

Eleven years old and going strong, Gulf Business has remained the region’s premier business monthly for the region’s decision-makers, corporate leaders and high-ranking business and government executives.

The magazine offers readers cutting-edge analysis of news and views that have a direct bearing on their businesses and work, providing insights into the local and regional business domains.

Covering a wide gamut of economic sectors — from oil and gas to real estate, banking to stock markets, technology to human resources, and investment to art, to name a few — the magazine is a must-read for business owners, corporate leaders, administrative or government officials, top-level executives or even those who want to become one.

Over the years, through its credible and intelligent reporting, landmark features and incisive analysis of business news and views, Gulf Business has firmly establised itself as the indispensable guide to doing business and remaining in business in the Gulf Region.

With four dedicated monthly editions – Regional (available in the UAE, Kuwait and Oman), Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain – Gulf Business covers the entire region like no other business publication does.

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