sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Management Ebooks: "Never by Chance"

Great business performance doesn't happen by chance. You can have all the cost-cutting initiatives, employee engagement programs, and technology upgrades that you want, but unless every resource and employee are intentionally aligned with a compelling vision, you'll leave too much on the table and lose out to competitors. So what is the key to getting breakthrough results in this age of "doing more with less"?

Never by Chance gives you a top-to-bottom guide on how great businesses accelerate their strategies in spite of today's resource-constrained environment. Forgoing the usual miracle cures, this realistic approach will help leaders catalyze their organizations by adopting the leadership mindset that "every resource that can be valuable, will be valuable."
In Never by Chance, you'll find:
  • The direct link between vision and stakeholder success
  • Why a purposeful customer experience is absolutely necessary
  • Why you may no longer be relevant to your customers
  • How to use your culture as a competitive advantage
  • Why intentional leadership matters
A strong quarter, hot product, or sudden sales bump can always be a fluke, but sustained excellence is never an accident. Written by three seasoned experts on aligning people and strategy to drive measurable results, Never by Chance gives you and your team an engaging and empowering road map to create clear competitive advantage and distinguish your company in today's ultra-competitive market.

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