martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "7 Secrets of Marketing in a Multi-Cultural World "

7 Secrets of Marketing in a Multi-Cultural World offers strategies for applying cultural archetypes and "the logic of emotion" to make domestic and international marketing efforts more effective and profitable. Centering on correct cultural archetypes is the key to developing and realizing corporate marketing goals. Corporate executives, marketing managers, advertising agencies, and individual sales people need to know how to contend with an increasing array of minority cultures at home and different markets, cultures, traditions, perceptions, and customs abroad.

This book explains why: Violating cultural archetypes triggers a culture's strong defensive mechanisms against your product; The key to inter-cultural communication and commerce is the ability to decode the culture; When we misunderstand cultural archetypes, we also misunderstand why sales pitches, presentations, and product offerings succeed or fail; We never have a second chance to make a first impression.

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