miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Internal Marketing"

A clear-sighted introduction to a complex subject, 'Internal Marketing' provides the reader with a succinct overview of the most recent thinking and practice.

The text begins by defining what internal marketing is and how it can work, and from this foundation:

* Outlines state-of-the-art thinking and practice
* Demonstrates how internal marketing can be used to facilitate such diverse strategies as TQM, New Product Development and Change Management

* Highlights the techniques managers need to understand to use IM effectively within their organizations
* Contains a range of international and up to the minute examples and cases of best practice from companies around the world

Throughout the book the emphasis is on understanding the principles that have made internal marketing such a potent force within leading corporations. This is combined with a pragmatic assessment of the many challenges involved in making it a reality within an organization.

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  1. Muy bueno el blog. Tiene muchos libros sumamente interesantes...

    El último libro no se puede descargar :-/ Espero que lo soluciones pronto ya que estoy ansioso de leerlo ..!


  2. Que mas Rody! hombre rody ando buscando el libro "Guerrilla marketing" he visto que tienes aqui la version para consultores e investigacion de mercados. Me pregunto sí tienes la posibilidad de conseguir la versión que te menciono. Gracias. Tu blog es de gran ayuda.

  3. Hola,

    El libro "Guerrilla Marketing" hace tiempo que llego buscandolo pero por el momento nada.

    Un saludo