martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "The Entertainment Marketing Revolution"

Entertainment is now a sprawling $500-billion industry that reaches into every corner of human life. If you're in the entertainment business, your competitors range from athletes to casinos, Disney to Sony, Harry Potter to the Dixie Chicks. How do you differentiate your product and find your market in this incredibly complex and brutally competitive marketplace? This book will show you how.

Industry insiders Al Lieberman and Patricia Esgate cover the entire entertainment industry, offering powerful insights into marketing film, video, broadcast, cable, radio, music, print, games, sports, travel, theme parks, and much more. You'll discover the driving forces, key synergies, new opportunities, and advanced marketing techniques today's top companies are riding to success. You'll also learn how to create tomorrow's blockbuster properties, starting right now.

* Marketing and the 4 C's of entertainment Bring together everything that matters: content, conduit, consumption, and convergence * Seize the time, create a blockbuster Organize your marketing to strike while the iron is hottest * Solutions for every entertainment product and medium Film, video, broadcast, cable, radio, music, print, games, sports, travel, and more * How the winners keep on winning Diller, Levin, Eisner: staying on top in the world's most brutal business * Character as brand Magical profits: the lessons of Harry Potter * New markets, new niches, new paradigms Identifying tomorrow's trends and opportunities before your competitors do * Bringing your brand to life Location-based entertainment, "experiential branding," and beyond

Next-generation marketing in the $500 billion global entertainment marketplace.

  • Marketing every form of entertainment: film to print, music to travel, electronic games to theme parks
  • Spinoffs, licensing, and beyond: creating properties that keep on paying
  • Cutting through the 3,000 marketing messages your customer will see today
  • The real effects of new technology: from piracy to e-books, TiVo to digital overlays
  • Print after the Web: next-generation marketing for books, newspapers, and magazines
  • The independents: new studios, new networks, new players, new media

There's still no business like show business: only show business is more gigantic, more fast-paced, more fickle, and more insanely competitive than ever before. Entertainment marketing is like no other form of marketing. Before you can begin to sell a product, you must sell an experience. The budgets are huge: so are the burn rates. The planning takes years: the results can be known overnight. The successes are colossal: so are the failures.

Top entertainment industry consultants Al Lieberman and Pat Esgate have brought together the first complete primer on entertainment marketing in the 21st century. They offer a smart, up-to-the-minute overview of today's radically new global entertainment marketplace, then show you how exactly how to identify, target, and reach your market—whatever, whoever, and wherever it may be.

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