martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Compensating the Sales Force: A Practical Guide to Designing Winning Sales Reward Programs"

The classic guide to raising your bottom line with the perfect compensation strategy—fully revised and updated!

Sales compensation WORKS!

Nothing motivates a sales force better than a powerful compensation program. And when your salespeople are motivated, revenue soars. But how do you design a program ideally suited for your business strategy and organizational needs? It’s a delicate balance that makes all the difference between profit and loss.

More and more sales leaders have turned to Compensating the Sales Forc
e to help them discover problems in their present system and create a compensation program that works best for their needs. Now, in the second edition of this authoritative, jargon-free handbook, sales compensation guru David J. Cichelli brings you completely up to date on setting target pay, selecting the right performance measures, and establishing quotas. He supplies clear guidelines for building the right compensation plan for any type of firm, of any size, in any industry, and he offers step-by-step procedures for implementing each approach.

In Compensating the Sales Force, second edition, Cichelli has substantially ex
panded the book’s popular formula section, and he provides brandnew examples of:

•Income producer plans

•Sales rep commission plans
•Bonus plans
•Incentive plans
•Base Salary management plans

The book also includes all-new chapters for global, complex sales organizations and hard-to-compensate sales jobs.

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