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Management Ebooks: "Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less"

Winner of the 2009 New York Book Festival's award for general non-fiction

Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less
was originally self published in soft cover by the author in April 2008 and had modest distribution as it was sold only via the author's website. ''Work'' was picked up by Greenleaf Book Group in the Fall of 2008, thoroughly re-edited, and released to book stores in hard cover May 1, 2009.

Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less
will guide you in streamlining the interlaced systems that drive every aspect of your work--and your life. The first key to freedom and wealth is to stand ''outside and slightly elevated'' from your business or job to see the sub-systems that compose it. Then the task is to, one by one, perfect each of these internal systems.

While providing exact direction for creating a culture of ''system improvement,'' the author interlaces his own story of moving from 100-hour workweeks to 2-hour workweeks, while multiplying his monthly income by a factor of 25. Through all this he w
as the single parent of two children.

The strength of the book lies in convincing the reader to ''get'' the systems-mindset. Then, it provides exact instruction for revitalizing an organization through fostering organizational efficiency, creating simple documentation and getting staff to enthusiastically ''climb on board.''

What Carpenter teaches is simple yet profound: Achieve a positive macro result by working on a micro level. You will learn how to analyze and refine your network of systems to maximize profit, create client loyalty, and develop autonomous employees who are passionately dedicated to the goals of the organization. The bonus: The strategies will help you dramatically improve your personal life while decreasing the stress of bei
ng overtaxed and disorganized. You will:

Recognize the systems that are affecting your world and manipulate them into super-efficiency

Maximize productivity when you know you're at your peak brain capacity
Avoid the time-wasting imperfection of striving for perfectionPulling from his years of experience as the owner of a struggling business that he revitalized into the number one business in his industry, Carpenter offers profound and concise advice that will revolutionize the way you view your work and, indeed, how you live your life. Praise for Work the System: ''The best management book of the year. Follow Sam's path and your business will become orderly, disciplined, repeatable, and profitable.''
--Thomas Cox, founder of Cox Business Consulting''What Sam Carpenter teaches in Work the System will revolutionize your work and your life!''
--Michael Jans, president, Insurance Profit Systems

''This book is a reality check for small business owners and department managers who are struggling.''

--Susan Solovic, CEO,

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