viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Management Ebooks: "The Financial Times Guide To Investing. The Definitive Companion To Investment and The Financial Markets"

The Financial Times Guide to Investing will introduce you to the practical art of investing, and show you how to invest more successfully, whether you are actively involved in investing or simply thinking about it.

In addition to providing a simple guide to understanding how financial markets operate, it will allow you to follow and act on your own judgments based on a case studies and worked examples, giving you the expertise to experiment successfully with shares, bonds, funds and derivatives. Comprehensive and authoritative, this is the definitive guidebook to building your personal financial portfolio and investing in the financial markets with skill and confidence.

Two of the greatest myths about investment are, firstly, that financial assets and markets are hideously complicated and confusing, and secondly that you have to pay 'experts' to make far greater returns on your money than you could achieve on your own. In truth the most important things you need to know about investing are based on common sense.

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