miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Management Ebooks: "The Myths of Innovation"

Praise for The Myths of Innovation:

"…Small, simple, powerful: an innovative book about innovation."

--Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group, Northwestern University; aut
hor of Emotional Design and Design of Everyday Things

"The naked truth about innovation is ugly, funny, and eye-opening, but it sure isn’t what most of us have come to believe. With this book, Berkun sets us free to try to change the world unencumbered with misconceptions about how innovation happens."

--Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start

"This book cuts through the hype, analyzes what is essential, and more importantly, what is not. You will leave with a thorough understanding of what really drives innovation."

-- Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com

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  1. Hola Rody!

    Parece que el libro ha sido removido de su sitio.


  2. 09.09.2010:
    We are sorry, the file was removed either by its owner
    or due to the complaint received

  3. Hola
    Disculpa si somos muy molestos, pero te comento el libro ya no esta en en el link, ¿podrías pasar uno nuevo?
    Atte. Ian Vangelis