martes, 27 de abril de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Implementing Word of Mouth Marketing"

Learn to capitalize on online word of mouth, leverage its power, and measure results of your initiatives

Savvy, strategic, and right on time, Implementing Word of Mouth Marketing is the essential guide for any company or organization needing to understand the dynamics of online word of mouth. This powerful book will coach you to identify your own set of online influencers, craft the stories that will resonate with your consumers, and spread messages through cybercitizens who are social media experts.

  • Guides you to identify and engage your online influencers to manage your reputation, promote your brands, and sell your products
  • Reveals how word of mouth disperses online
  • Explores strategies for your organization to engage its online advocates, tap into networks, and to mobilize the masses
  • Explains how to design online word of mouth campaigns
  • Includes measurement tools to gauge the impact word of mouth campaigns

Filled with case studies, research, and check lists, this invaluable guide will definitively show you how to leverage the power of online advocates to pass along stories, deliver recommendations, and draw people to purchasing points.

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  1. Hola Rody. Excelente tus entradas. Queria preguntarte sí podrias conseguir "el inversor inteligente" benjamin graham. Lo he buscado por mucho tiempo y no lo he podido encontrar. Te agradezco el favor.

  2. Hola, lo posteare mañana, en su versión en inglés.

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