sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Management Ebooks: "Big Ideas"

Innovation, creativity and change are the lifeblood of business but unlocking the innovative ability of an organization can be a difficult process.

A recent survey (Synectics, 2002) reveals a gap between what leading corporations say about the importance of innovation and what they actually do about it. However, this survey finds that there is a consistent connection between a company’s commitment to innovation and its success in the marketplace:

* Sales increase in highly innovative companies was 10.8% vs. only 5.7% in least innovative

* Profit increase in the most innovative companies was more than three times as great as in less innovative companies (51% vs. 14%)

* Market share increase in the more innovative companies was more than twice the growth (59% vs. 27% increase)

"Big Ideas" highlights pathways to creativity and shows how to establish conditions that lead to innovation and success. It is highly practical, and includes checklists, case studies and a "mind gym" questionnaire to establish the Innovation Quotient of an organization.

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