jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Marketing Briefs"

This revised and updated second edition of Marketing Briefs: a revision study guide gives every marketing student the most comprehensive collection of definitive overviews of every key concept in the subject.

The text itself is organized into short structured chapters, the Briefs, each including:
* Core definitions
* A bulleted key point overview

* Thorough yet concise explanation of the concept and primary issues
* Illustrative examples
* A selection of examination style case, essay and applied questions

Together these offer a rounded, concise and topical appreciation of each theme within a clear and accessible framework, designed to aid revision. Also included are revision tips and 'golden rules' for tackling examinations, specimen examination papers with answer schemes, and a full glossary of key marketing terms.

* Short, snappy and succinct nature of the book
* structured chapters, which include a bulleted overview, illustrative examples and example examination questions and further reading / sources
* companion website to support the text (http://www.bh.com/companions/0750653868)

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