lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

Management Ebooks: Gary Hamel "Leading The Revolution"

Gary Hamel, world-renowned business thinker and coauthor of Competing for the Future, the book that set the management agenda for the 1990s, now delivers an agenda for the twenty-first century with the national bestseller, Leading the Revolutio
n. Fully revised with a new introduction, this book provides an action plan for any company or individual intent on becoming and staying an industry revolutionary. Hamel argues that the fundamental challenge companies face is reinventing themselves and their industries, not just in times of crisis-but continually.

Based on an extensive study of "gray-haired revolutionaries," including Charles Schwab, Cisco, Virgin, UPS, Semex, and GE Capital, Leading the Revolution shows how companies can continue to grow and thrive, even in ever-changing turbulent world markets.

Distinctive features and benefits to readers:

" Explains the underlying principles of radical innovation

" Explores where revolutionary new business concepts come from

" Identifies the key design criteria for building companies that are activist-friendly and revolution-ready

" Details the steps your company must take to make innovation an enduring capability

Packed with insight and practical advice, Leading the Revolution shows you how to

" Get off the treadmill of incrementalism

" Save your company from becoming a "one-vision wonder"

" Harness the imagination and passion of every employee

" Create vibrant internal markets for ideas, capital, and talent

Leading the Revolution is not a book for cozy corner-office types. It is for everyone who has the guts to act on the knowledge that our heritage is no longer our destiny. This groundbreaking book from the premier business thinker of our time is a call to arms for the dreamers and doers who will lead us into the age of revolution.

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