lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

Management Ebooks: "Strategic Intelligence"

Strategic intelligence (SI) has mostly been used in military settings, but its worth goes well beyond that limited role. It has become invaluable for improving any organization's strategic decision making process. The author of Strategic Intelligence: Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, and Knowledge Management recognizes synergies among component pieces of strategic intelligence, and demonstrates how executives can best use this internal and external information toward making better decisions.

Divided into two major parts, the book first discusses the convergence of knowledge management (KM), business intelligence (BI), and competitive intelligence (CI) into what the author defines as strategic intelligence. The second part of the volume describes case studies written by recognized experts in the fields of KM, BI, and CI. The case studies include strategic scenarios at Motorola, AARP, Northrop Grumman, and other market leaders.

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  1. no tienes libros en español.. me han dejado una trabajasoo sobre BI.. y necesito sacar toda la informacion posible asi como programas donde se pueden aplicar..

    Si puedes responde lo mas pronto posible .. gracias

  2. Hola, lo siento pero no se donde podras conseguir libros en español sobre BI.

    Un saludo

  3. Es posible re-publicar los libros? Te lo agradecería