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Marketing Ebooks: "CRM Unplugged"

Experts estimate that more than fifty percent of all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations will be seen as failures from a company’s viewpoint. However, implemented the right way, CRM is useful, profit-enhancing, and even vital to businesses. Focusing on the implementation of effective customer strategy and driving return (i.e., through customer insight vs. simply loyalty), CRM Unplugged demonstrates how CRM should be defined, approached, and profitably applied to any size business.

CRM doesn’t hinge on technology--it depends upon attracting and serving customers in more lucrative ways by changing how the collective parts of a business collaborate on customer activities. Written by two leading experts, this accessible book discusses how to consider technology as an enabler of new policies, processes, and collaboration so it plays a supporting, rather than a leading, role in CRM.

CRM Unplugged offers a variety of lessons learned from real-world companies that have implemented CRM. Since most investments in technology are costly, the dos and don’ts addressed in these cases are invaluable because they help the reader identify the high-impact areas of his or her business. CRM’s big punch is its ability to strengthen these high-impact areas--those parts that comprise the unique competitive advantage of a business.

CRM Unplugged provides best practices for:

  • Identifying why CRM is not creating returns
  • Creating strategies for successful CRM implementation
  • Achieving a positive ROI concerning CRM

Offering the most up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of this hot topic, CRM Unplugged is a valuable, profit-increasing tool for CEOs, other senior managers (such as VPs), and project managers.

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