viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

Management Ebooks: "The Ugly Truth about Managing People"

The Honest Truth about Managing Managing people is one of the toughest jobs in business. Make the right choices, and there is no limit to how you and your business can grow. Make the wrong choices, and there is sure to be trouble ahead. The problem is, no one ever tells you this up front and helps you avoid the pitfalls. Learn from the experiences of real managers just like you, who have faced the same problems and devised smart solutions. Through stories and lessons from managers who have been there, you'll discover how to handle such situations as: --My Direct Reports Were Fighting --I Inherited an Employee Who Hated Me --The President Tried to Bully Me --I Fired a Friend --I Didn't Know What My Bosses Wanted --Retaining My Workers Was Tough Know the solutions to tackle any problem.

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