jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "There's No Business That's Not Show Business"

Say goodbye to "business as usual"--to succeed today you need show business!

How do you market in today's "experience culture"--as conventional advertising grows increasingly ineffective, and customers grow increasingly independent? Companies and brands from Altoids to Volkswagen have discovered the answer: bring show business into your business!

There's No Business That's Not Show Business demonstrates how to use "show biz" techniques to cut through the clutter, engage your customers personally, differentiate your product or brand--and create real, long--term value.

These techniques can be adapted for any product, service, or market--consumer or B2B. You'll learn how to clearly identify strategic objectives and expected outcomes; target your high--value customers; ensure that "show biz" marketing promotes your core brand message; extend your impact via PR and CRM; and, above all, achieve quantifiable results.

  • The right show, the right media, the right venue
  • Choose, invent, and re--invent media around your unique marketing needs
  • Keeping your show "on brand"
  • Drive your core branding message: don't distract from it
  • Shows for customers, with customers, and by customers
  • Use show business to strengthen all your customer relationships
  • Integrating show business and leadership
  • Persona, myth, and ethos: shape the experience of your own company
  • Not just show: business
  • Practical measurements, credible budgets, real ROI

Show biz techniques that cut through market clutter--and delight and engage your customers!

  • Building experiences that engage, surprise, and dazzle your customers
  • Tying "show biz" marketing to measurable business goals
  • Breakthrough techniques for consumer, B2B, even internal marketing initiatives
  • Mobile marketing, street evangelism, customer events, theater, and much more
  • Altoids to Oracle, Volkswagen to Victoria's Secret: new case studies in experiential marketing

Customers today are more independent than ever, and advertising less effective and more costly every day. There's No Business that's Not Show Business shows how smart companies can use creativity, humor, and play to reach out and engage customers through a new kind of experience. This book provides winning case studies and "show business" techniques that can be used to dazzle customers, launch products, build brands, generate buzz, and build great customer relationships. From road shows to street evangelism to multi--media theater and beyond, it offers a new generation of marketing that can work for every customer in every industry. Most of all, it offers tools to link your "show business" to your brand, to core strategic goals, and to measurable results. Your business can be in show business too--and to reach customers today, it must!

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