domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

Marketing Ebooks: "Global Brand Integrity Management"

The integrity of products and brands is at the core of successful global business. Yet, chances are your management strategy does not protect the key elements that generate your product and brand revenues, leaving them vulnerable to internal and external attacks.

Global Brand Integrity Management delivers a blueprint for developing and maintaining an integrity program that preserves your brand's reputation, ensures product protection, and increases your competitiveness in the global marketplace. Drawing upon their three decades of experience, Richard Post and Penelope Post distill valuable lessons learned into the “Eight Laws of Brand Integrity,” extracted from hundreds of projects and at a cost of billions of dollars in brand--related losses to global businesses:

  • Brand integrity is more than legal protection
  • If a product is valuable, somebody will try to take your profits
  • If you do not protect your products, nobody will do it for you
  • If you wait until your products are attacked, you will lose
  • Protect your products and the bad guys will attack your competition
  • If you have different markets, someone is stealing your profits
  • Your products are often your largest competition
  • Continually monitor the marketplace to lower risks and increase profits

Using the Eight Laws as a framework, the authors show you how to establish and effectively manage an active, day-to-day protection program. They provide the tools you need to implement solutions for a specific problem, portions of supply chain, new-product introduction, or a new corporate brand integrity or protection function.

The bottom line: a brand integrity program is good business. With Global Brand Integrity Management, you will encourage good employee performance, lengthen product lifecycles, increase consumer confidence and loyalty, lower risk, and improve profitability as well as your corporate image.

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