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Marketing Ebooks: "Place Branding"

The topic of place branding is moving from infancy to adolescence. Many cities, and nations have already established their place brand and this well documented new book brings the fundamentals of place branding together in an academic format but is at the same time useful for practice.

"This book makes a very useful addition to the rather scarce literature on the subject. What I always look for, and what I'm particularly gratified to find in this book, is a prominent acknowledgement of the deeds not words school of thought which I devote most of my energies to communicating." – Simon Anholt, Government Advisor and author of the Anholt Nation Brands Index and Competitive Identity (Palgrave), Member of the UK Foreign Offices Public Diplomacy Board

"Robert Govers and Frank Go's new book brings a new level of intellectual rigour to the often misunderstood subject of place branding." – Nicholas Ind, Managing Partner of Equilibrium Consulting and author of Living the Brand and Branding Governance

"This book is a valuable addition to current thinking on the subject of place branding. It offers fresh insights and perspectives. I thoroughly recommend it for practioners and students of place marketing." – Roger Pride, Marketing Director of Visit Wales and co-author of Destination Branding, Creating the Unique Destination Proposition (Elsevier)

"I truly appreciate this book's attempt to approach the practice of place branding from an (applied-) academic perspective." – Sicco van Gelder, Founder of Placebrands and author of Global Brand Strategy-Unlocking Branding Potential Across Countries, Cultures and Markets (Kogan Page)

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