domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

Management Ebooks: "Awakening The Leader Within"

Far from the typical leadership book that explores only theories and concepts, this interactive coaching experience takes you on a personal journey to awaken a new way of leading and a new way of living. Blending the power of an inspiring story with the power of reflective questions, this transformative book gives you deep, enduring ways to create value in all parts of your life.

Based on the premise that you need to grow as a person to grow as a leader, the story centers on Bensen Quinn, a CEO facing a deluge of persona
l and professional challenges. As Quinn faces the defining moments of his life, you will learn valuable lessons about authentic and purposeful leadership, applicable at home and in the boardroom. In a time when issues of business ethics crowd the headlines–causing many leaders to question whether profit should be a leader’s only goal–the practical applications of this book are more timely than ever. Expect to have a life-enriching reading experience.

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