miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

Marketing Ebooks: "Build Your Customer Strategy"

Goods and services are no longer enough.Today's customers attach an emotional connection to the products they use and to the businesses at which they shop. Wouldn't you love to have your customers raving about your company or about your product and calling it their own? Now you can.

With his profound insight, simplicity, and uncommon sense, industry expert and author Jim Barnes shows you how managers and executives can create lasting and genuine customer relationships that will withstand the competitive overtures of other companies. He draws on his more than thirty years of experience listening to end-consumers and business customers from a wide variety of industries to enable you to develop your own customer strategy, using the building blocks of successful customer relationships that are presented in this book.

Filled with case histories of companies that have succeeded in building solid, genuine relationships with customers, this book will help you to maximize and capitalize on the opportunities your customers represent. This hands-on book:

  • Explores the process of developing and sustaining customer relationships that establish an emotional connection
  • Explains how to achieve the lofty status where customers will actually be proud to be your customers
  • Considers how to manage difficult relationships, such as those that take place via technology or at great distances
  • Helps you take the pulse of your customer relationships and identify where those relationships are weak and where they are strong

Required reading for every CEO, chief customer officer, customer service executive, and marketing executive, this book urges you to adopt—and keep in mind—the customer's perspective and what it means as a customer to have a relationship with a company or brand. Build Your Customer Strategy shows you how to make a connection with your customers that will not simply satisfy them, but also build and keep their loyalty for your business's long-term success.

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