lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

Marketing Ebooks: "Email Marketing By the Numbers"

Marketers, it's time to let go. Say goodbye to short-term customer relationships, intangibles, and opinions. You can't trust your gut or rely on intuition anymore. The new era of marketing is here; and it's based on data, analysis, and what people actually do rather than what they say.

Email Marketing by the Numbers applies such modern marketing principles to the world's greatest marketing tool—permission email. Email marketing expert Chris Baggott reveals what works, what doesn't, and how to leverage the power of email to accomplish all of your goals.

Are you ready to create better relationships with your customers and prospects? Are you ready to take advantage of email's affordability, interactivity, and targeting capabilities? Whether you work for a mom-and-pop shop or a megacorporation, the tactics here will take your email marketing program to a higher level. Baggott explains how to:

  • Speak to your audience as individuals

  • Spark and maintain subscriber engagement

  • Build a database of quality addresses

  • Segment an audience based on data

  • Find and create relevant content

  • Combine email with viral and word-of-mouth marketing strategies

  • Use surveys, forms, and other feedback tools

  • Keep your email program legitimate and spam-free

With case studies, proven tactics, and additional secrets from more than twenty professional marketers from around the world, Email Marketing by the Numbers is the perfect marketing guide for any organization.

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