domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

Marketing Ebooks: "The Nature Of Marketing"

We live in a digital world where a small number of people – sometimes even one person – can quickly become the voice of one hundred, one thousand, or one million and more. This is having a profound influence on marketing and the need that brands have to tap into and build social communities.

The Nature of Marketing is a unique perspective on how digitally linked populations behave as a single organism, similar to a swarm of fish. These human swarms are fueled by the connectivity and speed of the social networking generation, and are replacing the rules of marketing with principles that are fundamentally different from anything before.

This book helps put trends like social networks and Web 2.0 in a larger and more timeless context. As brand communications move from monologue to dialogue, a new marketing plan is needed to engage the community and start a conversation with people who can help expand upon the brand message and experience.

Chuck Brymer lays out a well-documented case that traditional marketing and branding are as important as ever. However, the doctrine of herd marketing – one-way mass communications – must be adjacent to the new realities of swarm marketing – the power of people communicating with each other in unprecedented speed and numbers.

We now have the potential to dramatically grow the value and influence of brands using an approach that is as fresh as Web 2.0, but as enduring as human nature. The Nature of Marketing is your guide to the next great revolution in how we reach our customers to gain their loyalty and advocacy.

Watch Chuck Brymer speak at ANA:

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