viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Marketing Ebooks: "Who's Your Gladys"

Every customer-oriented business has its own Gladys; someone who demands more than most companies are able or willing to give, one who pushes front-line service representatives’ buttons, one who requires a higher degree of skill to manage. One who—let’s just say it—can be difficult. Yet how is it that some businesses prove able not only to satisfy their “Gladys”, but turn her into one of their most loyal, utterly pleased customers?

Filled with inspiring real-life case studies, Who’s Your Gladys? reveals how large and small companies from a variety of industries avoid creating difficult customers in the first place. Readers will discover how they can:

• Create a culture that values compassionate connection with their customers

• Use creative problem solving and emotional management skills to turn challenging situations into opportunities to strengthen relationships

• Form strong bonds by paying close attention to people’s needs

• Customize service to different market segments

• Cement unbreakable customer relationships with absolutely anyone.

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