martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Marketing Ebooks: Philip Kotler "Attracting Investors"

Raising capital has grown from a finance function into, at least in part, a marketing function. It’s never been easier for investors to get in and out of investments, and this forces companies to compete more strategically with each other for limited investment capital. Companies that want to attract capital must now offer investors a compelling value proposition. In effect, they have to market their company to investors in much the same way toothpaste or any other product is marketed to consumers.

It is imperative that executives understand the fundamentals of marketing in order to raise capital. They need marketing strategy and tactics to convince investors that their business offers a superior risk-return profile compared to alternative investment opportunities.

Until now, little has been written about this sea change in capital investment. In Attracting Investors, marketing guru Philip Kotler teams up with Hermawan Kartajaya and S. David Young to offer a practical, marketing-based approach to raising capital. Packed with crucial insight for everyone from CEOs and entrepreneurs to finance students, the book shows readers how to apply the fundamental techniques of modern marketing to the vital task of raising capital. The authors demonstrate how companies can target prospective investors and how best to highlight the strengths of the business as an investment.

The fact is, most businesses trying to raise cash don’t understand the capital market--and approach it far too simplistically. Investors must be approached just like any other consumer. Attracting Investors shows leaders of start-ups and megacorporations alike how to win over the investor--and attract the capital they need to succeed.

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